CollSys Software

A fully comprehensive system for managing learners Careers Development and Work Experiences

Careers Platform

Using the latest technology, our bespoke software solution is designed to support and enhance efficiency and productivity, giving you tangible results.

WEX Platform

The WEX Platform delivers a cloud based platform that provides all users with timely, accurate and consistent information

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Our Services

We work with educational institutions and companies nationally to give learners access to opportunities that will change their lives forever.

Our offering is simple and straightforward, we’ve created an exceptional platform to manage work experiences for learners, colleges and companies. And if that’s not enough, we’ve expanded our services into careers development and you can take advantage of the WEX Platform and Careers Platform.

Careers Development

Our Careers platform software can help you to manage learners career development and monitor their progress to Gatsby benchmark criteria.

Work Experiences

Our WEX platform software will enable you to manage T-Level industry placements, study programme work experience and virtual work experience.

Why Choose Us?

Our bespoke software is designed to support and enhance efficiency and productivity, giving you tangible results. Our technical expertise, supported by industry professionals, enables you to manage your T-Level placements, study programme work experience, virtual work experience processes and careers information end-to-end, quickly and easily, all in one place.

We are continually monitoring technology to ensure our software is up-to-date and always providing a seamless experience for you and your learners.

If you like the sound of our software, what we do and how we work, give us a call and we will happily give you a free demonstration of our software.

Features and Benefits

  • Bespoke system tailored to your needs
  • Robust Information Security Management Systems to ISO 27001 and ESFA cyber resilience requirements means your data, your learners and your organisation is safe
  • Seamless integration with existing CRM, MI, SSO and ADFS systems
  • Dashboard reporting facility showing real-time data on attendance, placement information, health and safety and safeguarding
  • Front-end learners management and engagement – driving value for money and enabling your organisation to excel in its business processes
  • Single sign on ability (SSO) providing an easier online journey
  • Ongoing, hands-on support to help embed the platform into colleges

Who Can Benefit?

  • Learners, Schools, Colleges and Universities
  • Education Business Partnerships
  • Multi-Academy Trusts and Training Providers
  • Employers

ISO 27001 Security

The CollSys platform is ISO 27001 registered which means our information security management systems are robust and meet the highest ESFA cyber resilience requirements for 2020/2021.

The ISO 27001 gives us an effective Information Security Management System (ISMS) framework which sets out policies and procedures that are needed to protect your organisation.

We understand the legal, physical and technical risks educational institutes face and ensure we provide robust IT security management to protect information and data from being accessed, corrupted, lost or stolen.

Our ISO 27001 certification will ensure your organisation is compliant with international standards of Information Security.


Norma Guest

MD Mploy Solutions

The support we have received and continue to receive has been fantastic and really feels like an extension of our team as opposed to a supplier.


Chitinder Tahli

CEO Work N Learn

The support we have received from the WEX team has been exceptional and I cannot praise the team enough.


Joanne Shalloe

CEO Work Experience Support Services

The support team at WEX are amazing, they deal with any queries raised immediately and have been able to tailor the software to suit our needs.


James McFarlane

Skills Development Co-ordinator - Employability

One of the reasons we chose the WEX Platform is that we knew that the ongoing support would be magnificent, and this has been true. The whole team have really helped us with the system.


Simon Bone

Weston College

Our college ethos is all about careers not courses, the WEX platform and team helped us to deliver our ethos by giving us a system that was tailored to our needs. We adapted the platform and now it’s fit for purpose, functional and user friendly.


Samantha Hennessey Lowther

Careers Advisor

We were using spreadsheets to manage opportunities and it was really difficult to keep track of everything. We started using the WEX platform for industry placements and realised it’s a great system.


Shani Hammon

Employer Relationship Coordinator

We use the WEX platform to track, monitor and record all work-related activity information in one place. Our students use the system to find opportunities, log their hours and fill in logbooks.


Sarah-Jane Shillito

Employer Account Manager - Work Experience

We needed a system to help us keep track of work experience activity and keep all information in one place for the whole team to use, the team at WEX worked with us to tailor the system to our needs.

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About Us

Collsys is a leading software supplier to the education market with over 400 schools and colleges currently using our software successfully.

Our system offers easy-to-use learner platforms for both, work experience and student career opportunities together with a comprehensive reporting suite for administrative staff.

We have strong relationships with all our users and are proud to have a reputation for outstanding customer service and support as highlighted in our client testimonials.

Our System Manages


Schools and Colleges


Learner Enrolments


Learners Placed


Registered Companies



How long does it take to implement the CollSys platform?

We have the capability to execute your full implementation in approximately 2- 4 weeks from start to finish, depending on the scope of your data migration & storing of historical data. We will need to conduct some further analysis to clarify additional requirements and we can adjust this project timeline to suit your needs.

How does Collsys link to college systems and can link to a single sign on facility?

We provide a seamless user journey and that means we will integrate with your internal systems to provide a single sign on facility. The CollSys platform can deal with a number of data delivery methods with ease.

Data Security is important to us, what IT security measures do CollSys have in place?

Collsys has an internationally recognised standard of IT Security in place with particular emphasis on Cyber Security – ISO 27001. We care about protecting you, your data, and your organisation. Meeting the cyber resilience requirements for 2020 and beyond.

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