Student Academic Suite

The Academic Suite offers a comprehensive package analysing knowledge, skills and behaviours across all academic disciplines, including Maths and English.

It enables collaboration between faculties through shared action plans and end-of-term reviews, ensuring every learner receives the tailored support they require.

Its impact extends beyond academic achievement. It empowers the college to monitor learner interactions for accomplishments and potential concerns. By cultivating a supportive and informed learning environment, the Academic Suite lays the foundation for academic growth.


Academic Suite Features

Knowledge, Skills and Behaviours

Analyse all knowledge, skills and behaviours across all subjects, including Maths and English for a complete learner picture.

Individual Pathway to Employability

Drive coordinated support through shared action plans and reviews, guaranteeing no learner is overlooked.

RAG Rating

Gain instant insights into individual performance with colour-coded RAG (Red-Amber-Green) ratings. Quickly identify students at risk, monitor progress over time and tailor interventions for maximum support.


Monitor both negative incidents and positive achievements to offer timely interventions and celebrate accomplishments. This approach fosters a supportive learning environment where learners feel encouraged to improve.


Comprehensive reports are available to track progress, measure program effectiveness and continuously improve the learning environment for maximum learner benefit.

SMART Targets

Monitors and analyses learner performance against SMART targets, gain valuable insights to agree personal learning strategies and continuously refine the learner’s academic program.