Shani Hammon

Employer Relationship Co-ordinator

Prior to the use of a central system, it was really difficult to manage data because of the number of people involved.

We looked at a number of systems and the demonstration given by the Collsys team was brilliant, it was a system that we could personalise and make our own. The Work-Related activity team includes about 17 of us and we use the Collsys software to track, monitor and record all information in one place.

We can also control the permissions for staff so all staff who require access across the organisation can use it too. We log three different types of activity on the system. Students can then use it to find opportunities, log their hours and fill in logbooks which help them monitor their own activity and feedback so they can self-reflect, develop and grow.

Rachel Topliss
Head of Employer Academy Partnerships and Work-Related Activity
Beth Rawden
Industry Placement Coach